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Welcome to How To Voicelive, the home of all tutorials and video guides for the TC Helicon VoiceLive series. To Learn about the details of each version of the device, check out the links below. And once you've viewed the course, be sure to get in touch with your questions and video requests!



Voicelive 3:

Voicelive 3 Extreme:


VL3X: Features and Introduction

by TCH-Morgan

In this lesson, learn all of the remarkable features that make VL3X the powerful performance tool that every singer needs on stage. Groundbreaking FX automation and backing track ...

Lesson 1
VL3X: Backing Track & Automation Tutorial with Craig and Tom

by TCH-Morgan

In this course, Tom and Craig guide you through the ins and outs of VoiceLive 3 Extreme's backing track and sequence recording capabilities.

Lesson 2
VL3 & VL3X: Guitar Multi-FX with TC Electronic Pedals, Amp M...

by TCH-Morgan

Product managers Tom Lang (TC-Helicon) and Tore Mogensen (TC Electronic) share their not-so-secret love of guitar multi-FX. In this episode, they go crazy with VoiceLive 3 and Voi...

Lesson 3
VL3 & VL3X: Loop Import/Export Tutorial with Craig and Tom

by TCH-Morgan

In this lesson, Tom and Craig give a complete overview of the features and fixes in VoiceLive 3 & VoiceLive 3 Extreme for Firmware version 2.0.01+ Intro – 0:11 Import/Export O...

Lesson 4
VL3/VL3X: Guitar & Imported Loop Demo with Craig

by TCH-Morgan

Following the v.2.0.01 firmware update, Craig found a couple of cool loops on the interwebz and it inspired a song idea. Here's his process, including a detailed walk-through on h...

Lesson 5
VL3X: What you may not know about VoiceLive 3 Extreme

by TCH-Morgan

This Lesson comes from a recorded Facebook Live video from May 11, 2018 Featuring Tom Lang! 1:25 - The first demo shows how performers can vary their harmony parts by creating Ste...

Lesson 6