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peterjbc8772 Contributor - Level 1 26m ago

26m ago


Hey guys,I received my brand new Xenyx 302 USB Mixer yesterday and hooked it up according to instructions. However, I have noticed a lot of static thru my head phones under the line in and mic. My preferred set up is to ...

lakshadvio Contributor - Level 1 18 hours ago

18 hours ago

The one thing that confuses me about beatmatching

As a complete beginner who's just learning the basics as of now, there's one thing that I have trouble wrapping my head around.Let's say I have two tracks that I want to mix that have a sizeable BPM difference (130 BPM P...

darenzas Contributor - Level 1 2020-04-06


RD8 annoying stuff

Hello guys,I have RD8 quite a while built quality is nice, it sounds good too. But why the hell you cant copy/paste from one song to another song pattern slot? It is highly annoying. + why you can't change songs without ...

naena Contributor - Level 1 2020-04-04


behringer U-Phoria UMC22 interface does not work

So i Have my interface and I am plugging it in and it just wont turn on and i have tried the switch on the back but nothing is working

puttebas Contributor - Level 1 2020-04-04


x air android apps

Hi.Which app to download for my Behringer X Air XR16?Currently there are 4 of them (as described below), and I have no idea of which one to choose.X AIR Android 1.21X AIR Android 1.5.3X AIR Q Android 1.0X AIR Q Android 1...

Milumo Contributor - Level 1 2020-04-03


Synth Tool - Behringer Crave

Hallo ! leider gelingt es mir nicht, die Pattern die ich im Synth Tool für "Crave" editiere in den Speicher des Synthesizers zu übertragen. Bitte um Unterstützung! LG

Sluis1003 Contributor - Level 1 2020-04-03


slechte softweare

ik vind dat er maar slechte softwear wordt bijgelevert ,ik had wel stukken betere softwear willen zien .wat een afgang ..

toby_rich Contributor - Level 1 2020-04-02


behringer cmd studio 4A

I am look at buy a behringer cmd studio 4a dj controler but i cannot find anywhere if they are compatable with the latest mac os 10.15 catalina. Can someone confirm this before i make the purchase? 

seanbob89 Contributor - Level 1 2020-03-28


CMD Studio 2A Mapping

Hey guys! Would anyone possibly have any information on where on earth I can find a .tsi mapping file for my CMD Studio 2A to work with Traktor 2? I can't find one anywhere online :/ Thanks in advance!