Clicks and Pops - Behringer FCA1616

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Hello and good evening everyone!
I actually don't know if this is the right place for me to ask a question about sound devices but here it goes Smiley Happy
I recently bought some equipment of Behringer and including the Behringer FCA1616 sound card.
I am using a laptop Macbook Pro from 2017 to operate this at the moment and I am connecting it to 2 near field tannoy. Well I am getting a lot of clicks and pops when my OS does something like refreshing or changing from song to song or even sending something to the thrash. I get this little pop or click that seems like a loss of some signal, I don't really know.
I am using it via USB (haven't tested it by firewire).
Does this happen to anybody beside me?
Best regards Luis Arandas