cabianb Contributor - Level 1 2020-05-19


I can't use the microphone and speakers at the same time

Hello, I have a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD sound card connected to my pc, with a condenser microphone, I just noticed that I cannot use the microphone and the speakers at the same time, when windows is receiving audio I...

PXL_Evan Contributor - Level 1 2020-05-18


Need help on why sound coming out he FX send port is distort...

I am using a a Xenyx 1202usb and am trying to use the borad for podcasting a for video game e-sports commentary. the problem I am having is being able to send game sound to the board itself but not out put it back to m...

stanleykell651 Contributor - Level 2 2020-05-17


Suggest me some good couch where I can sit and play.

Well, I am a professional Gamer, I stream gamers on YouTube, I need some suggestions related to sofas where I can sit comfortably for more then 5-6 hours and play pc games.

robertson123 Contributor - Level 1 2020-04-03


Share your expirience

Please share your experience about tournament E-sport Veguspro

Alex4him Contributor - Level 1 2020-02-10


USB receiver for Ultralink ULM200D

Hello, my name is Alex and I own your Ultralink ULM200D USB Wireless mics and I recently broke my usb receiver and and is not workin. Is there anyway I could just purchase the receiver?