Effects and Signal Processors

NASservice Contributor - Level 1 2019-10-08


DM8000 factory reset?

Hi all,We have forgotten the password for one of our DM8000's, is there any way to do a hard reset or recover the credentials somehow?

petermciver Contributor - Level 1 2019-08-19


Fire Alarm Mute DM8000

Hello-I’m using a DM8000 for a DSP Control in a theater install.  I have a fleet to f turbosound speakers all fed audio over Ultranet.  I plan on coming off a X32 into the DM8000 and then out to a P16D.  T...

DavidBradshaw Solution Leader 2019-06-06


DM DESIGNER and DM KONTROL updates now available for downloa...

Klark Teknik DM DESIGNER 3.1 and DM KONTROL 3.1 are now available for download, via the downloads section on the DM8000 product page. DM KONTROL offers PC based customised control page creation and operation of a DM8000 ...

Emadson Triber Contributor 2019-05-29


DM8000 2.9.1 Software and firmware available for download

DM8000 Design 2.9.1 Software and Firmware available for download DM8000 Software and Firmware Downloads