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riverbend Contributor - Level 1 Tuesday


M32R replacement faders

What is the correct replacement fader for the M32R and where can I purchase one? I bought a pack of (5) from Full Compass - Pro Fader (200mm) P/N: 000-AHW00-00010 - but they do not have the correct mounting bracket. I ne...

Ridleyed Contributor - Level 1 Tuesday


Putty Alternative?

I need a program for winxp that can remote to a linux server I claim. I've constantly utilized putty or a PC w/linux introduced yet for this situation I need it for winxp. are there any other options? anything better?

tivon1962 Contributor - Level 1 2020-01-09


Demande de piece voice play GTX

Votre enquête (Partie #Q09-00001-63419, en stock, 71,42 $ et expédition) est maintenant attribuée au numéro de dossier 01040750.J ai aucune nouvelles ?? je veut commandé cette piece ..j ai pas recu la facture pour payer ...

ISAWAVE Contributor - Level 1 2020-01-08


ищу компоненты

Здравствуйте,я из России, мне нужна помощь в создании устройства , а именно компоненты и дизайн.

ReuvenMilman Contributor - Level 1 2019-12-29


Hello, my name is Reuven

We are looking for some parts for our customers in israel.We are electronics lab that give service for the local distributor.We looking for Turbosound Iq15, Milan15, Ip15 boards.Thanks a lotMre Electronics