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GoXLR Static/Hissing All The Time

@kickedtripodor any other GoXLR geniuses.

I've used 2 different microphones. One was a 3.5mm and the other an XLR condensor mic. I set the mics up using the mic setup in the system menu (I think thats where it is) and my mic input volume is in the "good" range when speaking normally. Compression is set relatively low, probably close to default value, and the same can be said for the de-esser. I have the gate set to cut out the static/hissing until I speak (maybe around 30db) but to be expected, I hear it all plain as day when I speak. It's not louder than my voice, but it's easily heard. I can also hear my controller and keyboard clicks, and I can't touch the mic at all or that is picked-up. However, I think this just may be the mic itself and not the mixer.

Another detail that may or may not help: Even with the volume set high with the slider, my mic volume is very low. At least on PC anyway. Everyone in my chat party can hear me just fine, but when using voice recorder, or in stream, my voice is quiet. In windows settings, mic volume is at 100%. I also had to boost mic volume in Discord to max. I've had to boost it about 25db in OBS to hear myself clearly. But, of course, the boosts the static/hissing louder as well.

Any recommendations? Changes?

Thank you all!




Re: GoXLR Static/Hissing All The Time

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Hop into our Discord: and record a clip and share it. I've still got some ideas.

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