Reverence Contributor - Level 1 a week ago

a week ago

GoXLR Audio Cuts Out

So I set everything up for the GoXLR and I'll run audio through it and the audio cuts out intermittently. Like the audio stutters.I've removed drivers that could interfere, tried a different cable, tried different USB po...

williamv1999 Contributor - Level 1 a month ago

a month ago

GOXLR w/ Pyle Pro Dynamic mic

Can a Pyle Pro Dynamic mic be used with the GOXLR after adapting the 1/4" plug to 3.5mm?Here is the mic specs: Technical Specs:- Mic Element/Type: Dynamic- Pickup/Polar Pattern: Uni-Directional- Mic Body Material: Z...

TroyRavelo Triber Contributor 06-20-2019


Sweetwater Gearfest 2019

We had a blast setting up today! Come check out our booth if you are attending.I am handing out lessons in Smite while spotlighting our new Goxlr! 

Psalm_144 Contributor - Level 2 06-07-2019


GoXLR Static/Hissing All The Time

or any other GoXLR geniuses.I've used 2 different microphones. One was a 3.5mm and the other an XLR condensor mic. I set the mics up using the mic setup in the system menu (I think thats where it is) and my mic input vo...

CraigFraser Solution Leader 06-05-2019


DreamHack Dallas!

  (John, Community/VIP) @d3athbys3xy (Kyler, DSP Engineer) and I (@Jhuderis, Craig, Brand Lead) had an awesome time at DreamHack Dallas over the weekend.  We set up 20 GoXLR's in the "Stream Studio" area and t...

kickedtripod Contributor - Level 3 05-23-2019


Updated Diagrams for Console Chat

Hey all! We've cleaned up and combined our GoXLR Console Chat Diagrams to be a bit more straight forward, include some of the settings on the console, and more. Here it is.

Psalm_144 Contributor - Level 2 05-19-2019


GoXLR - Adjusting Volume of Sampler

Is it possible to change the volume of the samples higher or lower? I have some samples that are loud and some that are too quiet. Thank you.

kickedtripod Contributor - Level 3 05-06-2019


GoXLR Xbox Voice Chat Diagrams

With the latest Line Out update, GoXLR is capable of sending an audio stream back to a console. Here are 2 diagrams we've shared. Please ignore the title across the bottom. Using GoXLR Voice Chat with Optical Audio ...