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3 weeks ago

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UMC204HD General Use, Drivers, Samplerates - Ready to ...

My UMC204HD arrived a couple of days ago. Was very impressed with how it looks, however that's where the positive experi more

a month ago

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Streaming with the Behringer 204HD and AT2020

Hey, just made an account here to ask something that I can't seem to get a straight answer for anywhere else. I bou more


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Audio Levels

Hi guys!I have a GOXLR and I LOVE it! However, I have one question that I'm hoping someone can help me with because I ca more


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GoXLR Mic Monitor Sounds Off

I just got the goXLR mixer and so far it’s been pretty cool but when I am monitoring the mic during stream I notice it s more


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X32 X USB sound disappears periodically in both direct...

Hello everyone! I have a problem using the X-USB card in the my X32 Rack mixer. I have a mixer connected to my PC w more


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Alternative ear pads for HPX6000

Hello, so i recently got an HXP6000, i am wondering if i can find any alternative ear pads, i like when my headphones en more


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X Air - StreamDeck Integration

I've been streaming for awhile and recently integrated my XR18 into the mix and I'm loving it. I do however find the hot more