connecting keyboard to UMC204HD

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Hello, I am new to the world of audio interfaces but am looking to get my system set up with my new hardware.  I would like to have the option to use both audio recording directly from the keyboard as well as midi out to get digital info to my macbook.  Casio CDP-120 is already working with 1/4" cable for sound recording but can I also connect the USB-B out on my keyboard to the MIDI in on the interface?  Which cable do I need to purchase for this purpose?  


Re: connecting keyboard to UMC204HD

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Hi @joolz , 


Welcome to the community.  You don't need to use the 204HD as a MIDI interface.  Just connect the Casio to your computer directly using a conventional USB A-B cable and then select your Casio keyboard as your MIDI input device. 


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