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1960 infinium input ABY pedal

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I understand that you don’t need patch cables to link channels . But I was wondering how to go if I run a aby pedal into it

If I plug into parallel 1 and also parallel 2 from a aby pedal. Will I be able to switch (A)just channel 1 and then switch to (B) and just channel 2, and then switch (Y) and run both at same time?


Would I just get (A) channel 1+2 in parallel (B) just channel 2 (Y) exactly the same as (A)

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Re: 1960 infinium input ABY pedal

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Re: 1960 infinium input ABY pedal

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Hi Will, welcome to the forum.

Disclaimer: I'm not a guitar player

However from what I'm reading in the product documentation (Page 13, point #10) plugging your ABY pedal into the HIGH 1 and HIGH 2 jacks simultaneously (PARALLEL) allows you to operate channels 1 and 2 independently. So the first option you suggested makes sense for what you are trying to do.

Hope this answers your question.

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