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The MASH footswitch is one the great features of the Brainwaves. I noticed i sometimes have to step hard on the footswitch to get the full sharp bend effect.


Here is a tip you can use to make it more easy to use in Whammy or V1>V2 modes:

Go to the MASH tab in the TonePrint app and modify the course of the footswitch. You can for instance ask the pitch to reach 100% when MASH footswitch is only engaged at 75%.


Certainly the course is shorter but you no longer have to worry about pushing the footswich completely to achieve a full bend.


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This is a good tip and works for all MASH controlled parameters (also on other MASH enabled pedals). If you want the bend to be fast check also that "Bend time" parameters for the two voices are at minimum setting.

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Re: Brainwaves MASH Tip

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Will check it out!


Re: Brainwaves MASH Tip

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My Brainwaves is my first MASH pedal, and I discovered this almost immediately. As I wanted it to operate as a momentary switch, rather than a pressure-sensitive controller, I mapped it to 100% all the way across the board, and map the bend time to the Mix knob.

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