Bugera V22/V55 Infinium - Rackmount version suggestion

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I own a Bugera V22 Infinium combo and it's a superb amp. Love its clean sound, all my guitars sound great through it. I've seen the head version of this amp as well.

I wonder if Bugera ever thought of releasing a rackmount version of the V22, or the V55, even in just limited quantities. There are very, very few rackmount amps with a good clean sound, and basically none with that Fender/Vox/Matchless tone that the Bugera amps have (maybe the Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp has a good Fender tone, it would be the only one and has been discontinued for many years)

I would definitely buy a Bugera rackmount (even just a preamp version), quite probably its clean channel would sound extraordinary with my Eventide rack units! Smiley Happy
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