Bugera v55hd infinium flashing

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I just bought a new bugera v55hd from a known dealer in Germany.

Out of the box the amp was very microphonic. Slight hit on the case makes singing sounds.

After a couple of days the standby light flashed for a few seconds and then the amp stopped working. Dead.

I have discovered that the main fuse blown and the 4th (or 1st?) fuse blown as well (the inner fuse that is closer to mid of pcb).

I have changed both of the fuses.

The amp regained life and I could play for 2 minutes before the flashing light begun again. This time the number 2 tube led light turned on.

I immediately shut down the amp so nothing else wont burn out.

Please advise.

Is this only a tube? Worse? This is brand new (at least suppose to be)
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