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V55HD Bad tube out of the box?

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What do I do?
Brand new arrived today. The power light blinks and the #2 tube replace light comes on after it warms up.
Do I pull the chassis and check if the tube need to be seated or send it back? It should come out of the factory box 100% Do I have to fix it out brake my back packing it up and sending it back and taking a chance it will happen with the next one.
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V55HD Follow up

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After installing matched JJ 6L6's I LOVE this amp!

Re: V55HD Bad tube out of the box?

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I feel you, Man!! Anything Bugera makes is outstanding!! I love my 1960 and 1990 amps, and, as well, had tube problems. i expected it though, after watching my delivery guys and how they (mis)handle packages.. (I ordered from Sweetwater and they replace bad or busted tubes no questions asked! The only place to do online business!)
Bugera tube amps are the best value on the planet, and I am probably going to collect their entire line!!
Bugera 1960 and 1990 Infinium

Re: V55HD Bad tube out of the box?

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it can happen with's a tube. Not much different than a lightbulb. Just get another tube, you don't even need matched tubes with Bugera Smiley Tongue

JJ 6L6 is BEST

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JJ 6L6 is really gonna improve the aesthetics a lot.
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