Using ireal pro and preamp

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This may be a rookie question - I am using amplification for the first time as a violinist. I have a prodipe condenser microphone plugged via xlr into my mic500usb preamp. Output then goes to a Marshall guitar amp.

I am used to using ireal pro to provide backing tracks - run from my iPad.

Here is my question: is there a way to play my iPad input into the mic500usb as well as using the xlr input so that both the backing track and my instrument are output through the Marshall amp? The obvious route would be to use both the xlr and conventional jack inputs but the user manual says not to do this.

Suggestions welcome please.

Re: Using ireal pro and preamp

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Hi Nick,

Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately that is not possible with the mic500usb alone. Please refer to page 24 of the QSG, specifically points 14, 15 and the warning after 15. This unit is meant to input one source at any one time. You would need to get a small mixer, such as the Behringer 802 to combine your violin (using the mic500usb) and backing tracks from your iPad.
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Thanks Paul and thanks for the welcome!

It is as I thought - I will use my alternative - to put my iPad through a separate amp which will keep me going for now.

Great response and rapid - thanks,