V-amp 2 issue...

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New here.
I purchased a used V-amp 2 on ebay.
It powers up and everything seems to look normal. However there is no sound from the input. I can hear sound from the aux input, but nothing in any of the user presets produces any sound from the guitar input. I've replaced the internal battery and did a factory reset on the presets still no sound.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: V-amp 2 issue...

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Is it the little blue portable blue thing shaped like a guitar?

I bought 2 of them off my local craigslist and they both powered up and seem to work also but i got no sound. It turned out to be the power supply.

When i got mine i received 2 units with 1 supply they both had the same symptom

I bought 2 new supplies off e-bay for $10. and then gave one of the working units to my friend.

Worked out good, the 2 units used off craigslist i got for $20. plus the 2 supplies i was only into em for $40. total my friend loves his for a freebee