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Live Portable Sound

Dougal Contributor - Level 2 yesterday


XR18 feature request(s)

Hands up who mixes in a symetrical room? Not many apart from studios I guess, so..... Hows about LR main EQ being dual instead of stereo?

RossDavey Contributor - Level 2 yesterday


Wing Live SD Card (Confused...Help)

HelloI am recording multi tracks to my wing live SD card, works great and can re map it back to my channels to play back the audio too! So far so good.However I have a problem when I put the SD card into my laptop to imp...

Gino Contributor - Level 1 2020-02-18


XR18 Users Question

I'm a new user of the Behringer XR18. Does anyone know how I can bypass and not use the gate/compression & FX on one of my channels? I have been using my own compression & FX for my vocals for years with an analo...

Gallmi8 Contributor - Level 2 2020-02-17


Iphone app plus xr 18

All my life been an android user. I am using pc edit and android x air app for running sound for band. I am trying to get the one  member using iphone to control his own in ear mix. We downloaded the  iphone ap...

Coen_Baas Contributor - Level 1 2020-02-17


RMS output Turbosound iQ15b & iQ18b

Can anyone tell me what the RMS ouput is from the Turbosound iQ15b & iQ18b? You only read the peak power, but i would like to know the RMS output. Thank you!

garyoyer Contributor - Level 1 2020-02-17


Eurolive B115W

I have a 2 four year old B115W.On one of them, when it is turned on sometimes, most of the led lights on back flash.  If I power it off and then on again, its usually OKSee this short videoWhat is the problem?

Newme41 Contributor - Level 1 2020-02-17



That's verry stupid there's a Aux intery for mp3 play or other things bud it's not a stereo output  that's ridiculus 

rajprods Contributor - Level 3 2020-02-16


Question about Midas DL16 Outputs with Midas M32R

I have a Midas 32R and a Midas DL16.  I have it setup where I can send 16 inputs from the DL16 into the M32R.  I just figured out how to setup 8 Mixbuss channels on the M32R to send signals out of the 8 channel...