Best, easiest vocal processor?

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So- im a bit overwhelmed with the amount of choices in live vocal tools. Im a bass player, i sing a little lead, and want to be able to do better leads and sweet backgrounds, I dont have a particularly awesome voice Smiley Happy but im typically in key, want something that is very easy, but makes me sound a couple of clicks fuller, tone adjustment,  I have a mic Mechanic, but looking for more- like duplication. I have a Harmony Singer- but it doesnt really work on bass, though i do love it for my acoustic.  Thinking a doubler, with reverb/echo, correction, ???? Has to be easy- not looking for soemthing i have to be a programmer to use.

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Re: Best, easiest vocal processor?

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Hey @Taystone

There are two simple options I can think of that suit your criteria:  Duplicator and Perform-V.  They both are nice and simple in terms of what you see is what you get, there are no menus to get into, and all effects are visible at the top level.  The Duplicator is a stompbox pedal similar to your Harmony Singer, but instead of the Harmony effect it has Doubling (which doesn't require an instrument guide) and chromatic pitch correction.  The Perform-V mounts on a microphone stand (there's an optional footswitch), and in addition to having everything the Duplicator has, it also has:  Anti-feedback, Echo (delay), and three preset slots.  You can also import new presets into the Perform-V (from our desktop app, or the mobile iOS/Android apps) to add distortion and other new effects, so there is more room for growth with the Perform-V.  Hopefully that's helpful, cheers!

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