Cat 5 cable run next to power feeds

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Okay, so here's the thing. I occasionally do sound work, and have a Behringer X-air 16

I know that it's possible run the mixer remotely from tablet using wifi, but would prefer to use hard wired link between laptop and mixer. I have a cat 5 cable for this, and the setup would be to run a long extension cord along with the cat 5 cable from mixing position ~30 feet back from performance location and then cover them with pvc pipe that has been sliced in half length wise. This is both to protect cables and reduce the chances of people hooking their foot on a cable and tripping. I have been taught that running mic lines parallel to ac lines can result in a 60 cycle hum interference being picked up by the mic cables. Can the same thing happen with a cat 5 cable between laptop and mixer that would affect or interfere with mixer operation?
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Re: Cat 5 cable run next to power feeds

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Generally you should be ok. There exists combo cables with power and cat5 in the same cable. Make sure to use quality cat5 cables.

I generally try to stay away from pvc since it tends to build up static electricity. This goes for for cat5 with pvc jackets as well.
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