Electric drums ridiculously quiet when listening through mixer - Xenyx Q802USB

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Hi all,

First time posting here and I'm pretty amateur when it comes to audio stuff so bear with me on this one...

So I have a Behringer Xenyx Q802USB mixer, which I believe uses the generic Windows audio driver and doesn't have a special one of it's own (if this isn't the case, do let me know as this could be part of my issue). It's been working great so far just using a microphone in it and I've had no issues. But recently I've bought myself an electric drum kit and want to live stream myself playing by plugging it, and some headphones, into the mixer.

So step by step... Two instrument cables are plugged into the mixer from the drum module, into line 3/4, L/mono and R matching L/mono and R on the back of the drum module. Main mix is already turned up and I turn up the volume dial for line 3/4 to max, as well as the EQ dials to their midway point.

I then plug my headphones into the mixer into the phones port (I use an adapter for this as my headphones are the usual 3.5mm stereo jack thing, so it'll fit into the instrument cable style port. I told you I'm amateur with all the audio stuff ). Anyway I turn up the volume dial for that too and I press down the button labeled "to phones/ctrl rm" to allow me to hear my PC audio through the mixer to my headphones, and I can't hear myself in the mic (which is what I want)

At this point everything seems fine, audio levels are good on the mixer and in OBS (live streaming software) except one small problem... I can't hear myself playing the drums at all, it's very very quiet, like if I turn off all other sounds and smack one of the cymbals real hard, I can only just faintly hear it.

So what is my issue? The drums themselves are set at a good volume and when using the headphones plugged directly into the drum module I have no issue either. The drums, instrument cabels and headphones are brand new. I've had the mixer around 4-5 months. I could turn down everything else and then turn up the drums to the max, but it'd mess with the audio in OBS and what other people would be hearing when watching the live stream, so that's not really a possibility.

So far I'm thinking it's either a driver issue or a power issue with the mixer and I simply need a better one.

Any ideas? I know it's a long one but any help would be really appreciated Smiley Happy