NU4-6000 Fan Noise

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Using a I-Nuke for distributing sound around the house from DAW/computer station.Originally mounted the amp on the desk for convenience of controls. The fan noise with no signal into a couple of 4 ohm loads is disturbingly noticeable in a quiet environment.

I moved the amp under the desk with some rudimentary baffling and it's still noticeable.

The fan is variable speed. Is there a way to make it quieter when idling at low enough power so the first signal LED does not light?

I would consider voiding the warranty to effectively make it more quiet.
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Re: NU4-6000 Fan Noise

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If you'd consider voiding the warranty, then you might take the case off, put a screen on to keep it finger-safe, and replace the original fans with a large PC case fan.

Or remove the heatsinks too and make it water-cooled, if the hot parts are not too spread out.

Maybe a fish tank full of mineral oil?
(and plants, and scenery, and a bubbler,...)

Re: NU4-6000 Fan Noise

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I could look at providing ducted air from the workshop on the other side of the wall. Oil immersed output devices sounds a bit much for an i nuke

Re: NU4-6000 Fan Noise

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Glad I didn't open this unit up and void the warranty as it has now developed distortion that sounds like a poor connection or dirty fader. I emailed care to start a warranty ticket. Understand the NU line is kaput. Wonder how warranty will be dealt with.

Not holding breath as holidays may delay response.

Fan Mod

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After troubleshooting a distortion and gain problem thought to be the NU 6000, It turned out to be a problem in a bus on the M32R that is driving it. Problem gone, I decided to change the fans for quiet ones.

AVS forum has a thread: http://tinyurl.com/y7pswtfp

They recommend a Noctua NF -A8. I ordered 2 @ $15 ea, had to cut the existing cable as this fan has a 3 pin connector while the inuke has a 2 pin.

The difference is remarkable. Before the mod, the fan was noticeable walking into the quiet room, now I have to put my ear close to the front grill to hear it. There is a lot less air moving and it might not cool effectively if working hard, but I rarely light the first signal LED.