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NX4-6000 4channels @4ohm

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These amps are specced for 4 channels at 2ohm and 2 channels @ 4ohm.
Can these amps be run as 4 channels into 4 ohm and what would the power rating be?
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Re: NX4-6000 4channels @4ohm

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The ohm rating is the minimum impedance so 4ohm is ok with four channels and the power rating would be half of the 2ohm rating.

The spec’ed two channels rating is when you bridge two channels together.
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Re: NX4-6000 4channels @4ohm

Contributor - Level 2
Thanks Robert, thats what I was hoping to hear!
Strange how it's not included in the specs, I thought there might be some black magic preventing 4x 4 ohm operation.
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