Powered Speaker Finally Dies...HELP

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So I have a trusty pair of B212A's that I've had for years. I use them at shows of various types, in multiple venues, etc. They have been carted everywhere, are insanely durable (excepting the little screw thingy on their mount - I lost both screw thingies within the first year...). They have even made several appearances on the Playa in Black Rock City! But now, during a show last week, when I tried to fire one of them up, she came alive, but the red clip light stayed lit, and she had almost no sound....and then a second or two later, died, and has not shown any signs of life since. I tried replacing the fuse, but that did not work (the previous fuse looked ok anyways). I've got the thing apart on my bench, but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for. Any ideas as to exactly what has failed on this thing? I'm guessing it's gotta be somewhere on the power board? Does anyone have schematics for this thing?

(ps - yes, I know this thing has a huge capacitor, and that it may not be discharged. I'm generally aware of how not to get killed while working with such objects, and have a fair amount of experience working on CRT monitors and ATX power supplies, as well as a few amplifiers)
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