SD boxes with CORE

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I would like to use SD8 Stage L and SD8 Stage R and SD 16 At center behind drums, link the 3 via cat5 to my X32 CORE at side stage then mix either via console or iPad app.
This would simplify my set up immensely BUT I am confused, I see talk that only 24 channels can be routed from stage? is this true in the above config?

Thank you

Re: SD boxes with CORE

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Since the aes50 on the x32 only(?) supports three devices per port you are limited to 3x8 outputs as currently only the s32 have 16 outputs. All other boxes have 8 outputs.
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Re: SD boxes with CORE

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The AES50 protocol can do 48x48 (@48kHz, 24x24 if using 96kHz with Pro Series consoles.) If you use both sides of the AES50 bridge (both AES50A+B sockets on the core,) you can do 96x96 @ 48kHz. However, for your setup you can just use one AES50 socket on the core and still use all 32x remote preamps, as 32 < 48. The 24 channel limitation you're thinking of might be to do with outputs from the core to the analogue outputs on the SD boxes: these outputs on the stageboxes can only see the first 24x outputs coming from the AES50 socket from the console. In your setup you'd only have 24x analogue outputs anyway (8x on each SD box,) so that fits nicely.

For your setup the following would be a solution:
Ethernet connections:
SD8L(A)>SD16(B), SD16(A) > SD8R(B), SD8R(A) > Core(B)
You might need to swap things around a bit depending on what side of the stage the core is on: stageL or stageR.
Remote socket on the core > router\AP for remote control

On the Core:
Setup>Global, Synchronization:Internal

Inputs1-32: AES50B1-32 (Makes channels1-32 on the Core source their inputs from the SD8\16 preamps. In this config SD8R will be inputs1-8, the SD16 will be inputs 9-24 and SD8L will be inputs 35-32 (though this depends on which side of the stage your Core is on.) You can play with the blocks here if you want certain boxes' preamps to be certain signals, eg make inputs1-8 AES50B9-16 if you want drum mics on inputs1-8. You can change things further by selecting channels and changing their source selection if you want as well.)

Outputs1-32: Make this the same as the routing>home blocks to get a multitrack recording straight off the SD preamps.

Output1-32: Same as home and cardout blocks. This will pass signals from the SD preamps on to another console (you mentioned there could be another one in your setup,) eg for a FOH/mon split. Ignore this if you don't have another console coming off the Aore's AES50A socket.

Output1-16: Out1-16.
Output17-24: Can be whatever you want: you can repeat the block above, or make it different (eg p16 1-8, or aux1-6/Mon,) depending on how many different output signals you need on stage, and whether you're already using the ultranet sockets on the stageboxes for p16s\iq speakers.

Here is where you can choose the first 16x signals to be passed down from the core to the stageboxes to appear on their XLR outputs. Normally you'd do mixbuses for monitors, mains and mtxs post-fader for FOH and fills etc.

Routing>auxout/ultranet tabs
If you need another 8x outputs on stage (different to the previously configured 16x) you can configure them on these tabs (whichever you've chosen for the AES50B output17-24 block, if applicable.)

Use the switches on the side of the SD boxes to determine which output signals will appear on its XLR outputs. Multiple stageboxes can be set to the same setting if required.


Thanks Guys

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I just need to have 32 inputs on stage and 8 mon mixes and mail outs to both sides of stage i.e. L to stage box stage left and R to stage box R

Simple set up just like old school stage snakes just a whole lot lighter!!!

Thanks for the thoughts

Slight Hickup with this setup maybe you all can assist

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all is working input channels are as I desired and all SD dig snakes have outputs for monitor sends 1 - 8 as needed BUT with old school snake I had a L and R Main in my SL and SR stage snake, now no room, so I have run mono using output 8 OR ????? any thoughts

I sometimes use our system and other times use theaters system which is patched on one side or the other.

My only thought is to add one of my s16 snakes at the same position as the Core and route those outputs to the 15/16 main outs and run separate cords to the mains but that seems to be a bit of a waste to me

again any thoughts or just run mono

Re: SD boxes with CORE

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Do you actually need the same 8x monitor sends on both sides of the stage? Could stageL have mon1-7 and mainL and stageR have mon2-8 and mainR? You could also run some monitor mixes out of the SD16 (I assume your D+B will need monitor mixes,) saving you sockets on the SD8s.

new setup just a bit different but having issue with FOH getting to SD outs

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Want to thank you from all the folks you help.

I am having a brain freeze here, changing a bit for a upcoming tour and needed some help on the routing patch and settings


X32 Rack for Monitors and FOH

SR - In Case --- SD8 set for outs 1-8
Mon 1 used SR
Mon 2 used SR
Mon 3
Mon 4
Out 5 - Matrix Mix Mono for satellites
Out 6 - MC Sub mix on Stage R
Out 7 /r for possible external house PAand 8 L/R on Stage Right

Center Behind Drums --- SD 16 set for Outs 9 - 16
Mon 9
Mon 10
Mon 11
Mon 12
Mon 13 Matrix for Side Fill
Mon 14 Matrix for Side Fill
Outs 15/16 L

SL - In Case --- SD8 set for outs 1-8
Mon 1
Mon 2
Mon 3 used SL
Mon 4 used SL
Out 5 - Matrix Mix Mono for satellites
Out 6 - MC Sub mix on Stage R
Out 7 /r for possible external house PA and 8 L/R on Stage Right

All of this works fine as I have been using it BUT what I want to do is to add a a X32 CORE for a FOH mix separate from the Rack, the issue I am having is the outputs from the FOH and how to assign the routing to get back to the SD stage boxes

As of now I can set the HOME inputs to share the inputs and using gain split to AES50 a or b depending on which I place first but I cannot get sound to pass from mix iPad to the outputs on the SD's

What am I forgetting

Thank you

so againRack 1 has
Core FOH desired
Rack Monitors desired

Racks 2 has SD 8 channels 1-8 and outs 1-8
Rack 3 has SD 16 channels 9 - 24 and outs 9 - 16
Rack 4 has SD 8 Channels 25 - 32 and outs 1 - 8

Re: SD boxes with CORE

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X32C B<>A X32R B<>A SD8(sr) B<>A SD16(c) B<>A SD8(sl)
X32R sync int, X32C sync B

X32C home inputs aes50b 1-32
X32C aes50b out routing 1-8/9-16 uses 'outputs 1-16', ch's populated as you have listed n your post. Set at out 1-8 and out 9-16. Mixes all derived from the FOH Core (assuming no monitor engineer).

X32R home inputs combo of aes50b 1-32 and local preamps in groups of 8 as you see fit.
X32R aes50a out 1-32= combo of aes50b 1-32 and local same as used above.
X32R aes50b out 1-8 = aes50a 1-8. Then aes50b 9-16 = aes50a 9-16

SD8 sr switch set out 1-8
SD16 c switch set out 9-16
SD8 sl switch set out 1-8

Think that's correct. My guess is your routing from X32R to the SD boxes was your issue.

Re: SD boxes with CORE

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Gary's solution works if you don't have a ME and are using the Core to mix both FOH+Mons, so you're essentially using the Rack as passthrough.

If you're intending to use the Rack to mix monitors and the Core to mix FOH, you'll need to stage the FOH outputs for LRM\Mtxs on the Core's Out1-16\Aux out\Ultranet menu (NB you'll be limited to only 6 signals,) then dump the relevant block into the 1st AES50 block that exits the core and hits the Rack. Then on the Rack, you'll need to bring those FOH signals in via the AuxIn Remap. Now that those FOH signals are assigned to the Rack's aux channels, you then stage DOs from those aux channels into the Rack's out1-16\aux out\ultranet blocks, then have those blocks hit the SD8s\16 as they currently do.

A Bit More clarity as to the issue but thanks guys

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I have been running many shows using one "mixer" Core or Rack as I am one man crew BUT how I need to use 2 units split for multiple reasons
1 need a monitor guy as band and shows have grown
2 been using some AUX as MIRRORs to vocal channels so I have separate eq control to send to MON without a hassle at all

Again Prefer Core for Mon and Rack for FOH because it would allow me to access the outputs ON THE RACK for those weird times when I need additional Matrix outs in theaters to sen to lobby or whatever

So my issue is the routing
SL SD8 A > SD16B / SD16 A > SR SD8 B / SD 8 A > X32 Rack A / SD Core B > X32 Core A

NOW if there is better config to get a split desk please let me know, I do not care how I am wired just want 32 channels to use independently at FOH and MON and still able to send
L/R/C and Matrix to EACH side of stage using SD8 out 5,6,7,8 as I only need 4 mons across the front ever the rest come from SD 16 in back

Thanks Guys