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a week ago

Turbosound IP3000 - Gros Probleme : Plus de son

Bonjour,Je possède depuis 1 an 2 ip3000, j'ai deja eu 2 retour de garantie car une colonne s'est arreté d'un coup en pleine soirée. L'ecran reste allumé, les fonctions sont accessible mais aucun son ne sort.Aujourd'hui j...

Dae_dalus82 Contributor - Level 1 a week ago

a week ago

Turbosound product lines.

I own 2 15 inch siena tsp152-ans.  I was going to buy a pair of 12 in loudspeakers but before i do i was wondering the differences between the siena, nuQ, and athens product lines.  The athens have different di...

robykock Contributor - Level 2 a month ago

a month ago

Turbosound ip300/ip15b

Hi I am helping a customer but not sure the proper mounts to use for the IP300 to hang them or suspend them from wall.  What is best practice for doing this?RobertRheacock@gcpro.com

JasonChambers Contributor - Level 2 05-20-2019


Over Temp

I have 2 IQ15's that are less than a year old and really haven't had much use.At Saturday's show one of them after being powered on for about 3 minute and without any load shows "over temp" on the display and stops audio...