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x Air headphone can't hear

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Re: x Air headphone can't hear


I'm replying to my own message as I can't get the message to work in the first place.

  My headphone doesn't work.  I've tried changing monitor to main in the In/Out section.  I can't hear anything.  What do you need to do to hear anything from the mic inputs?



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Re: x Air headphone can't hear

Hi Warren ( @wadrum ), 


Welcome to the community.  In situations like this the best thing to do is save your mixer setup as a scene file and post it here so we can look at your configuration.  Saving a scene file is done ising the X-Air Edit software for PC or Mac.  Use "Choose File" in the lower-left when replying to post the .scn file. 



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Re: x Air headphone can't hear



I'm not sure which mixer you have or what you're using to controlI it, but I have an XR18 and use xair edit on a PC and here's how I have my monitor set up:


Set up tab > Monitor tab:

Monitor Source = LR PFL

Channel Solo = PFL

Bus Solo = PFL

PFL Attenuation = unchecked


In this configuration it plays the main mix until I solo a chanel or bus, then I only hear the solo'd item/s.


If that doesn't help you, a little more info from you would be helpful.

What mixer? What are you using to control it? What headphones? How are they hooked up?  What do you have the volume knob set to? What are your current monitor settings?  What are you trying to hear?  Is it a Mic?  What kind of mic? Is the Phantom power on?  Are you seeing input/signal on your control surface?


And, as Ken mentioned, uploading your scene file is super helpful too.