DL32 update issue and Question

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we have 4 DL32 in are inventory going thru the updating process running into a issue
- is their a way to view what the current firmware version is on the unit?
- the updater will not run, just opens and then closes right away(as administrator in windows with firewalls disabled) I am following the Updater guide PDF?
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Re: DL32 update issue and Question

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If I recall properly, if you have the updated firmware, the fan can be turned off at start up by holding the mute button, and that's the only way to tell. However from your post it sounds like the update process is not working as it does not just open and then close right away.


Windows (WinXP or higher) PC with USB connector and administrator account required for
running the updater executable (DL32update_1-7.exe)
Update Process:
1. Download and unpack the updater zip fi le from midasconsoles.com on your Windows PC
2. While the DL32 is switched off , connect its USB port to your PC using
a standard USB cable (type A -- type B)
3. Upon powering up, the DL32 will detect the USB connection and wait for the update
4. Make sure you have started your Windows session with Administrator access, then start the
5. The terminal window will inform you about the update progress. Wait approximately
1 min until it shows completed
6. Disconnect the USB link and switch the DL32 power off / on

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