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DN32-USB for live backing tracks

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Who is using their DN32-USB card for live backing track playback (not for VSC but for mixing pre-produced tracks and loops during performances)? I've used the USB connection many times for recording into Logic without issue, but never playback from Ableton. Looking for thoughts and advice from people who are running backing tracks using this specific configuration.

For my main gig, I've had a Dante-based setup for about 5 years with 16 channels of Ableton going into a Yamaha CL5 via Dante, and I never have trouble.

Have a new regular gig coming up where I'll be musician on stage rather than engineer, and I'll be using an M32R for mixing IEMs. It will be on stage with me and therefore close to the Ableton source (10ft or less for USB cable). I'd like to know if the DN32-USB is rock solid enough (zero dropouts, zero pop/clicks), or whether I should invest in the X-Dante card.
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Re: DN32-USB for live backing tracks

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I use my X32 Rack for playback of 8 backing tracks regularly with Logic Pro X and Mainstage with very solid performance. I'm pretty sure the DN32-USB is the same as the X-USB card.  I think my buffers are at 128 samples and the latentcy isn't a problem because it's only playback. 

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