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How to perform a MIX MINUS on the Compact x32 console?

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We need to perform a mix minus for a remote broadcast so we don't get a delay in our headphones of our own speech at the remote site when having a discussion with the studio where the x32 console is located.

Currently we are getting a 1.5 second delay with the studio which is very disconcerting when holding a conversation between presenters in the studio and presenters at the remote location!

Can anyone help us with a MIX MINUS?
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Re: How to perform a MIX MINUS on the Compact x32 console?

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Hi Hereward,

Welcome to the forum. I actually helped another broadcaster a couple of months ago with a very similar issue with cross-talk/delay (mix-minus). It took a few attempts by passing the scene file back and forth. But we finally got it working exactly as he wanted. What I would suggest is that you upload your scene file here (see http://behringerwiki.music-group.com/index.php?title=Uploading_files_to_the_forum) with an explanation of how things are hooked up, etc. We will do our best to find a workable solution.

I'm also going to move this thread to the X32 Troubleshooting section (which would be a better fit).
Paul Vannatto, Volunteer Forum Administrator and Moderator

Re: How to perform a MIX MINUS on the Compact x32 console?

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All channels routed to LR, which feeds your broadcast tx. All channels EXCEPT ch1 routed to bus1 as a subgroup. Subgroup NOT routed to LR. Whoever' mic is on ch1 listens to bus1. Rinse and repeat: bus2 is a subgroup not routed to lr with all channels assigned except ch2. Bus2 is fed to whoever is using the ch2 mic. As you adjust the lr mix these changes get heard in the subgroups. However people won't hear their own mics because their own mic channel isn't assigned to their own subgroup.
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