Midi-out / Sysex

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Does anyone know if the M32R sends sysex instructions via midi-out if a channel-mute button is pressed and released? It would mean a nice feature if this is happening because than I can record this sysex in my DAW.

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Re: Midi-out / Sysex

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Hi Hans,

As far as I know, the M32R (or any M32 or X32 for that matter) never sends out sysex messages. The only involvement with sysex that is documented is the OSC via sysex (see this) - even though this is X-Air related, it also is applicable with the X32 and M32).

Please understand that the M32 (and X32) is not a midi engine. It's mother tongue (so to speak) is OSC, not midi, and is therefore very limited to the midi features available. If you want to interface the M32 with a DAW, try using Reaper (which is OSC compatible) and Patrick's X32Reaper.
Paul Vannatto, Volunteer Forum Administrator and Moderator