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Mixing Station Pro +48 on Aux?

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Working with Mixing Station Pro I noticed something odd:
There is a +48 sign above the Aux faders, suggesting you can apply Phantom power to the Aux inputs.
Also on the Overview page of each Aux channel ther is a +48V button that suggests that.

I can not imagine that it would be a good idea to put Phantom power on a TRS input.
Also in X32 Edit I can not find the corresponding buttons, so I assume this is a 'not existing feature' in Mixing Station Pro.

If so, better to remove them in a next update, to prevent confusion.

Re: Mixing Station Pro +48 on Aux?

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An aux channelstrip can be assigned to an xlr input so the gui need the placeholder for phantom power.

It is physically impossible to apply phantom power to the actual aux input.
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