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No FX1-4 send on any Channel

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I am unable to add any FX Send to any Channel. I can only add FX by inserting directly to channel/s. I can't find what setting would take FX1-4 out .
Attached is .scn file.
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Re: No FX1-4 send on any Channel

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Hi Wayne, your scene will not load up, try saving it again and posting, maybe leave the date off and have just .scn

Re: No FX1-4 send on any Channel

Contributor - Level 2

I don't see any issues in the scene.  Channels are post-fader to the FX sends, FX sends are up and are not muted, and the FX returns are assigned to the L/R buses.  It looks as though selecting the desired send and running up the fader of the desired channel should do it (no channels are currently turned up in any of the FX sends).  If not, back up your scenes and reload the firmware?

Indianapolis, IN
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