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Overlays BY Music Group

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I was looking at the X-Touch 1 page recently and noticed it COMES with several overlays for various popular devices. They look really nice and durable and professional and are a GREAT addition to that product. So...the obvious next question, are any plans in the works to provide similar for the full x-touch. and extender? I'll be first in line to cough up the $. I would be happy with 2, one each for my MR18 and X32. I printed some paper ones that even on a good day look pretty awful. I'll take 2 more for Sonar!
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Re: Overlays BY Music Group

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Re: Overlays BY Music Group

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Pat Murphy;154401 wrote:
Gary, there are more overlays found here:


Thanks Pat, I have seen those and others, what I was talking about were ones made by Music Group like what comes standard with the XTouch One. I have made several in the past by using templates but they don't quite make the grade, they help for sure but look well, not so great. Maybe it's just me and my old printer!

Re: Overlays BY Music Group

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There was a guy in the forum that had a print shop. Showed pictures of his overlays. I tried to PM him, but I got no response. I wanted a nice professional overlay printed as well. Maybe I will try using matte photo paper and an exacto knife...
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