Using an M32 as a stagebox

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I am sure this should be possible, as what I am trying to do is use an M32 at the side of the stage to take the inputs from the on stage mics and DI's in the same way as a stage box and connect that to a second M32 to do the actual mix, I don't need to be able to do monitor mix's on the remote M32 as this will be done on the FOH M32.

The problem I am hitting is that when the 2 M32's are connected over AES50 I don't have control of the input levels on the remote, so what I get is a combination of the input gain on both desks applied sequentially.

All I actually want is the remote M32 to sit there and behave as a stage box, as I have gig coming up that poses some challenges for running the multicore and as I have 2 M32's it would be much simpler to be able to run over an AES50 connection.
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Re: Using an M32 as a stagebox

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This is what the Setup>Preamps HA Remote setting is for.

Re: Using an M32 as a stagebox

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Hi John,

Welcome to the forum. I have developed a package of scenes, snippets and explanation to setup an X32 Rack to emulate an S16, which is basically what you want to do. If you are using the M32 full console (32 inputs, 16 outputs) as your stage console/stagebox, then a slight modification to the routing is all that would be required. Attached are the 2 packages.
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Re: Using an M32 as a stagebox

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Thanks will have a look at that tomorrow