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X AIR edit PC swapping or rearranging channels

It would be handy if it would be possible to swap or rearrange channels, for example swap channel 1 with channel 5 etc. Or move channel one to channel 2 etc. Of course all channel settings should be swapped then, including input gain.

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Re: X AIR edit PC swapping or rearranging channels

Abraham Ray;60221 wrote:
Ok. If I understand you correctly, you can now do it in two (three) steps. Save a channel setting. Recall in on your destination channel and change the input of that destination channel to follow. Should get you the same results, yes?

The problem with that approach is when you are using all 16 channels. Saving a channel is fine. But when you recall that channel preset to another channel, you overwrite that channel's data (which you probably want to move to another channel). The method I use with the X32 Scene Parser is to take the first channel to be moved and move it to an non-existent channel (eg. ch 33) temporarily. Then move the channel you want in the first channel. Continue with this approach until all channels are moved (except the first one). Finally move the non-existent channel (eg. ch 33) to its final destination channel (which has been moved to it's new location).

I spent some time yesterday porting over the Scene Parser to an X-Air version. The Parse routine (first tab) is now working fine for the X-Air scene files. The other tools (Copy EQ, DCA, Mute Groups, etc.) are hidden from view at this point. Just a few loose ends to clean up. If all goes well, it should be ready for release this week (as a beta version).

Even though the X-Air does not have the snippet functionality, scene files can function in the same manner as snippets, simply by limiting the OSC commands included in the file. This means the Scene Parser will also work with the X-Air consoles nicely.
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Re: X AIR edit PC swapping or rearranging channels

Daniel Becker;60189 wrote:
Yes, I see that you can set up 2 additional layers but I was referring to the console itself. I don't think it is something need often. More of a convenience when the need arises.

I would not want you to put the time in if there is not much need. But, this is the wish list part of the forum. Smiley Happy

I would love to see this also, being able to build a console with USER1 and 2 is a great feature. In addition, it would be great to be able to customize the main mixer like this because the main mixer window has the section on the right side where the FX and Mute group stuff is..

So this would allow an even better way to customize the layout and get an easy workflow to deal with on 10 inch windows tablets. Especially for users that run smaller stage setups and might want to build their own custom layout with only a few channels and be able to do it all on the main mixer to still have seamless access to the section of the main window on the right..

This is possible right now to do if you set User1 to Stay on top and float it over the main window, then you can slide the main window off the left side of the screen which give you a mini mixer.. But it would still be great to have the ultimate flexibility of editing the main mixer layout. Just a further improvement on this excellent new feature of X-Edit