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X Air Edit V1.2 - what about the tablet apps?

Great to see that there is a great new Version of X-Air Edit available (v1.2)
I Like it! Great Job Behringer.

But: What about the tablet apps?
When do they catch up with the functions?

There are already two updates from X Air Edit out but no update on IOs App so far. The differences between this
platforms are getting bigger and bigger. The IOs App is lacking of fundamential functions like Mute Groups, DCAs, Pan on Master, etc. If you are using IOS app and X Air Edit at same time in live situations, you easily run into an inconsistent status between the programms (f.e. using mute group on X-Air Edit you will run into the issue that you can't unmute channles anymore in IOs IPad App).

Or: Should i only use a Windows Tablet as it seems that X Air Edit will be the mainstram of develpment? But i hate Windows on tablets.

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Re: X Air Edit V1.2 - what about the tablet apps?

Rob Johnson;60032 wrote:
X-Edit ... it's not even supposed to be used for live mixing according to Behringer.


I'd like to clarify something here...

You've mentioned this twice now in this thread and I will say this it definitely not true. It's never been said by myself or anyone else at Behringer that X AIR EDIT is not even supposed to be used for live mixing. If fact it's always been the opposite as the PC software works great for live gigs. I feel most users would definitely agree with me on this.

Now, we have mentioned that X AIR EDIT works great as an offline editor in comparison to the X AIR Apps on Android and iOS which are not designed for that purpose. But that in no way should imply that it shouldn't be used for live mixing.

Short form, it works great for both applications. Smiley Happy
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Re: X Air Edit V1.2 - what about the tablet apps?

Thanks for the response Michael..

I guess I'm just growing a bit impatient at the fact that I cannot use X-edit as my offline setup tool and them have my Android app to mix the live show because the Android app is now so far behind that it's almost been rendered unusable since many of the features that we now have have not been put into the Android app which seems to cause nothing but conflicts and problems.

I love X-edit, it's great... beyond my expectations.. I just hope that it's now time to show the Android app the same amount of love so it can access the things that I setup offline with X-edit. I don't expect it to be the offline editor that x-edit is but I would at least like it to be a complete live mixing solutions that matches up with all of the features of the mixer.

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Re: X Air Edit V1.2 - what about the tablet apps?

Rob Johnson;60021 wrote:
You're not wrong feeling the way you do... Behringer has told us themselves that X-Edit is not meant for live mixing, but for pre-game setup.. and that the apps are what we are to use during live mixing... Therefore we must rely on the apps to perform the primary function of what we purchased this mixer to do, not X-Edit.

I have yet to use my XR18 for a real live gig because I'm still waiting on the Android app to be brought up to speed. And I've almost owned it a year now. Smiley Happy

I love using the android app to mix from for live gigs. My only complaints were disconnects and hesitation. My disconnect problems went away when I was instructed to use the "wifi lock" in the connect screen and using a 5ghz external router took care of the rest of the problems.

I like the laptop for setup and overview but I mostly use the Android tablet for everything including setup. I find it helpfull to use two devices. My phone is typicaly my second device and is used mainly for PEQ adjustments and as a backup. Something I started doing mixing from the X32. I'll stand at the console and have at least one or two tablets in addition set to different screens. The layers function is awesome and I will only do PEQ's from a tablet.

I do wish I had easy access to mute groups from my Android but my fix is to add my verb and delay to my custom layer and mute them that way. I probably could assign all my FX to a DCA and add the DCA to my layer and mute it between songs
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Re: X Air Edit V1.2 - what about the tablet apps?

Well that did not take very long.
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Using the various apps.

For what it's worth, I have used all the derivatives of the app in live situations for mixing, and making minor updates along the way.

I have noticed the disparity between the apps, but have been thrilled with my XR-18 in live situations. I literally went live within 2 days after receiving the unit. prior to the 1.2 release.

During that first live run, I had an hp touch laptop running in the Front of House position, and a tech running an ipad walking through the venue making changes (even though we had no real clue how to do the major stuff) and had no major issues. Running on the internal wifi from the xr18, we connected the hp laptop, an ipad, and a galaxy s tablet 7" and ran them all at the same time.

In using these multiple apps, it has been easy to see the pros/cons strengths, weaknesses, etc from each platform, and with the release of 1.2 edit, it is clear to see the progress and the possibilities.

While I share your understanding of the issue, I do not see it as an impediment to use the xr18 in a live environment. It is so versatile, and so easy to use. It does take a pretty special bat-belt to caddy/carry all the devices for their sweet spots!

So, please take this for its intended use, to be an encouragement to you to dive in with gusto! I am sure that the tablet apps will indeed catch up to the edit pc versions, and I'm hoping that it is sooner than later, but we are using this regularly each week for live gigs, and are LOVING it!!!

I have even used the usb connection to capture all the channels simultaneously for capturing a live concert, and have learned how to route the channels back to the XR18 for virtual soundchecks, and experimentation with settings, eq, fx, etc.

The X AIR community has been such a help to me when I've had questions, and I've already begun to learn so much. I hope you'll take the plunge, and let us know how it goes!
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Re: X Air Edit V1.2 - what about the tablet apps?

not everybody wants to run around with a Windos Laptops...

i like to keep my micro-PA as portable as possible (swapped X32 for XR18) hence hope the apps (Android / iOS) are getting their needed updates sooner then later
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