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XR18 Main Routing, Block Diagram vs XAir Edit

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Re: XR18 Main Routing, Block Diagram vs XAir Edit

The question came up on a Facebook page for the XR series as to where the insert point is for the Mains on the XR.  The block diagram at the Wike shows the flow to be Compressor, Insert, Eq.  This seems odd to have the Compressor pre EQ in the flow. 

However, in the XAir Edit software, the layout under the Channel Tab for the Mains shows the EQ before the Compressor.  The tabs across the top puts the EQ before the Compressor (reading left to right).  This would make sense. 

So, which is correct?  The block diagram with the compressor before the EQ or the software suggesting the Eq is before the Compressor? 

Or am I reading the block diagram incorrectly?  Though the channels show the EQ before the Comp in the block diagram.