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MIDI Support for X-Air Pro on Mac?

Has MIDI support been added to X-Air Pro for iOS? If not, when is it expected?


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Behringer X32 Aux input noise

Good Day guys,My church got a brand new X32 console with the S32 digital snake. I set it up like I usually do with X32s ...read more


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Reaper Transport Control for X32 Compact

Has anybody made a snippet to make the assignable buttons work the transport bar in Reaper? I don't want to use the desk ...read more


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X32 Rack Channel button - is mine working properly???

Help!! Guys - hope someone with an X32 rack can help me out here? Am I correct in thinking that when you rotate the rot ...read more

10 hours ago

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Using XR-16 with Bose L1 1S and B2 Bass

Hello,Until now I have been using my XR-16 with a typical PA setup, Two powered speakers two powered floor monitors, two ...read more

17 hours ago

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setting up X32 with Edgerouter X

I recently bought a X32 rack and bought an Edgerouter X + UAP-AC-LR (these were mentioned as being good options in other ...read more

16 hours ago

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X Air Edit - Need help with FX

Hi,I just purshased an XAir 18 mixer and I have to say I am a big fan of it! I guess this is a fantastic concept and I a ...read more


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X-Touch Controlling a DAW via WiFI

I just stumbled upon this video and thought it would be useful to post a link here: https://youtu.be/UUUmvjEfy7gI guess ...read more


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Another Gain value on X32 and S16

Hi All with X32 and S16splease check, if you have the same problem as I.I check gain values on the inputs, for example i ...read more