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Ipad 2 or which tablet for my x32

Just bought Behringer X32 console but it is not here yet- which tablet works best ?- Will my Ipad 2 work with x32?


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macOS Sierra and Midas Venice F series Firewire driver

Hallo!One week or so until Apple releases its latest OS. Since it took ages to update the Firewire driver on the Venice ...read more

2 weeks ago

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DAW Settings

(whoa... dude.... new forum setup.hehheh) On an X32 Compact, what settings to I need to set to ensure a raw, pre-fa ...read more

2 weeks ago

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X-Touch One with Cubase 8.5 - Fader issue affecting pi...

Hi everybody,I have just received my X-Touch One (firmware 1.07) to use it with Cubase 8.5.30 and all works except an im ...read more


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Help with M32R dry/wet buses

Hi, I have just purchased an M32R mixer -so far I'm happy with it, and looking forward to use it on an upcoming eve ...read more


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Behringer X32 Aux input noise

Good Day guys,My church got a brand new X32 console with the S32 digital snake. I set it up like I usually do with X32s ...read more


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Need a little help with Mute Groups

So, I am probably an idiot but I am setting up my new X32 and I find mute groups confusing. Seems like such a simple con ...read more