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XR18 Audio Interface, I/O and Networking Questions



Recently I've been considering buying an XR18, but I wanted to double check about some of its features and functionality ...read more

an hour ago

I can safely say the quality of the usb is on par with most main stream interfaces at this price point, you won't be dis ...read more

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XR18 Recording MIXTOOLS



I have created a simple PC program to record the XR18Just plug the USB cablePress RECIt will record 18 individual wav tr ...read more
MicroNew Joiner

11 hours ago

New xr18 owner. Added latest ASIO driver and Mixtools. Get ASIO_init3 error when launched. New laptop running windows 10 ...read more

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X-Touch Compact as a fader expansion wing.



I just did another musical using the X-Touch Compact (XTC) as a fader expansion wing. I was using 21 wireless mics so I ...read more


Dear Kevin,  I searched  XTC help on Google and I landed here no musictribe.  So I made registr ...read more

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Different Android apps for XR18

h3rmaNew Joiner

13 hours ago

I've just purchased the Behringer XR18 and am waiting for it to arrive. Meanwhile, I looked on Google Play and ...read more

13 hours ago

Hi Herman,   Welcome to the forum. Glad to hear that you have an XR18 on its way. Mixing Station Pro is by far the ...read more

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XR18 easiest way to create a stereo recording



Hi, (Strugging with the new Forum structure - hope I've put this in the correct place, and sorry for repeating a questio ...read more


I use an iPad running Auria software to record from my XR18. USB connection from XR18 to Auria. Can record 18 tracks if ...read more

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Mixing Station Tips, Tricks and Tutorials (X-Air)



The purpose of this thread is to compile all of the tips, tricks and tutorials that we all have discovered for the Mixin ...read more

2 weeks ago

Useful info. Thanks for posting. It may spur me on to making some more interesting layouts for Mixing Station.

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X-Touch with X32 rack (viaETH) - direct fader bank...


16 hours ago

Hi guys, dear Behringer: I am using XTOUCH with X32-rack mixer for live concerts, so I need on XTOUCH to be faster ...read more

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X-Touch and X32 Core - Jump directly to a fader bank



Hi I just connected X-Touch with X32-Core using X Touch over Ethernet. It works, but I have a question about functionali ...read more

Sep 23, 2016 12:29:49 AM

Dear Richard.Thank you for you fast reply. To be able accessing the channels as fast as you can, is one of the crucial t ...read more

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M32 5v power on the Midi connectors?



Do the Midi connecters on the M32 have the standard 5v power on them or do I need to use an external power device to get ...read more

Apr 7, 2017 6:17:04 AM

First response from Midas to my question. Thank you for your phone call. Our technician has confirmed that the MIDI on ...read more

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Restricted access of XR18 possible?


20 hours ago

I would like to give restricted access to the other band members via X Air app, so that they can only change their monit ...read more

19 hours ago

If you use the Mixing Station XAir app, you can set it to give access only to the send faders for a specified Bus. ...read more
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