Consistent trouble syncing my subsequent tracks.

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Folks, I know I must be doing something basically "wrong", but the process is so simple, I don't know what it could be.

My ability to sync any tracks with the beginning of the first is hit and miss at best...and look, I have a very good sense of rhythm. Smiley Happy

I might lay a "bass" type line - something with a very definite beat, with the metronome of course, and when I go to record the next track and press record on the down beat every time, but when I play back both loops from the beginning, the 2nd one if very often off by a half-beat to a beat and I have to do the whole thing over until I "magically" get it right. I've tried hitting right ON the beat, and right BEFORE the beat, but still get unpredictable results.

Along these lines, I'm trying to figure out how after I start the recording of the 2nd (and subsequent) tracks at exactly the same time I start the original track WITHOUT having to listen to the whole first track play through (some of mine are a bit longer) and then hitting the record button of the 2nd track on beat one.

However, I can't seem to hit the play button on the first track at the exact same time as the record button on the 2nd track with any consistency.

I've tried the countdown metronome as well, but I can't get any consistent results with that either...

Just looking for any tips along these lines. Freaking LOVE this app!
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Re: Consistent trouble syncing my subsequent tracks.

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Hi Bob! Timing can indeed be tricky with the loop tracks. My personal favourite way to use the app is to set all the tracks to "Loop Sync" mode (the full circle icon at the right side of the track, default here is beat sync which presents as a padlock icon.) In loop sync the start and end points of each loop queue of off the longest playing loop. you can hit record on one track at any point during the playback of another loop and it will only start recording once that playing loop starts over.

When it comes to starting a new loop at the exact same time as recording a new one, I know your pain here as well. It is doable, but you need to execute with exact precision to nail it, at this point I've had enough practice to get it most of the time, but it still sometimes trips me up. One way of adding a new loop with more reliability is to simply perform an overdub on the track you want to play instead of recording on a new track. From stopped, if you just hit record on a track that already has a loop on it, it will begin playing the old loop while it also records the new overdub on top. This way should work 100% consistently as it takes the timing of two finger pressing in sync out of the equation. Yes, it does mean that the tracks with coexist on the same loop, but if you want to stop the second one from playing while maintaining the original you can to a quick left-to-right swipe to "undo" the new loop, and a right-to-left swipe to bring it back.
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