Voice Cross Trainer App Discontinuation

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Hi folks,
I'm here to pass on an announcement from our mobile team. We have made the choice to discontinue app support for the Voice Cross Trainer app, as opposed to simply letting it die due to unsupported iOS updates. It's been taken down from the App Store and is no longer available for use.

"The Voice Cross Trainer app has seen some decent success over its 3 year period of being on the App Store, and we would like to thank all of our customers who benefited from it over the years. As is with any Mobile App we have decided to discontinue it as we continue to streamline our mobile app offerings and focus our resources on the most active apps as demonstrated by downloads, activity, and feedback from our customer base. Subsequently, we look forward to continuing to work with you , our customer, to build really exciting and useful mobile apps, and to include the features that you are looking for the most. Lastly, we welcome any and all input and conversations that you are willing to have with us to help shape these apps and our future, so please reach out and connect with us - we look forward to hearing from you.”
Spencer Larsen - Testing Engineer @ TC Helicon, MUSIC Tribe. Our Support Team is always available for more urgent assistance.
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