VoiceJam Studio - Bugs (NEW UPDATE - 2016)

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Me, as an user of VoiceJam Studio app, IRig Pro device, and Apple (Ipad Mini and IPhone 5) owner and client.

I am so disappointed.

This is disrespectful with your clients...
First of all: TC Helicon...

How can you guys, turn off the MAIN vocal fx's of Voice Jam Studio app and switching by another app vocal fx, and making us PAY more.

How and why? Best Seller?

I pay for the app and the whole thing, the setup and all, because I love the app and I believe, its a great and a powerfull instrument for artists. Even better for the independent ones. And now I have to buy Voice Rack to the main fx's of VoiceJam Studio to work?! (Ok, I already did that, and the fx's stopped working).

ALL FX'S STOPPED. (and Voice Rack its not being detected by the app -> VoiceJam Studio).

So, here it is, the next problem, (again) after a few updates, I'm still having trouble with IRig Pro crashing on the app (ON THE IPAD), and you guys just pass by my problem and didn't solve it.

When I use my IRig Pro on the Iphone, it works fine IN/ON the app and with another app too. (So, I guess the IRig it's ok).

Because, it works on another device (my Ipad's mom) and (my Iphone) without CRASHING and Noise Trouble.
And its the same IOS version and App Version on the devices (Ipad and Iphone).

AFTER A YEAR with the IRig Pro (using in the IPad) with several musical apps, and in a year we had some TC Helicon - VoiceJam Studio app updates AND the IOS update as well, and suddenly... BANG... the noise trouble comes.

It's the IOS interference on that?
Can you guys answer me that?
Because I can't, after 2 problems and I still don't know what it is and didn't solve it the problem.

You guys, need to work together.
Why? Because one app connects with another...And this makes it all happens.

On IOS 7.1 I never had noise/crashing troubles using it the IRig Pro + VoiceJam Studio.
But with the IOS 9.0 to up... Yes I've got it.

So, It's that what you guys need to find, (and it's not only my problem) because I saw here on the forum, same problems as I have.

- IRig Pro it's compatible with Ipad and with VoiceJam Studio as well. (at least , it worked with another version of IOS, and the app also worked OK with older versions of it.)

- TC Helicon needs to work on that update (I'm talking bout the VoiceRack who we need to buy it, for the MAIN Vocal FX's to work on it the VoiceJam Studio), like... I pay for that app and you guys, turn the fx's off, just to sell?

And EVEN with that, I already BUY IT and the app doesn't response. It's show it, the BUY button, but I already BUY IT.
(So, there's some bugs for it too.)

That problem, I'm only getting on my Ipad.
But I want to know, why its that? and you guys need to work if that is a compatible problem or trouble, because, WE LOVE the app and WE PAY for it, so, I guess is in our rights to the app work as they promise.

Ipad Mini (Wi-fi) MODEL: A1432.
IOS 9.2.1 (always updated)
Memory its ok, I still have 2GB free for use.
IRig Pro - IK Multimedia.
And I'm using the last update of VoiceJam Studio (1.7.00) by TC Helicon (but before it, I still had those problems with the last one update [the new design and all stuffs update].)

It work it OK with the IOS 7, and 8... but with 9 to up IT DON'T.
And the app updates were going on too at the same time.
So, definitly, you guys (TC Helicon, IK Multimedia, Apple) need to work together on that.

And, PLEASE...Can you guys please fix it this time?

(I think the noise trouble, the crashes, maybe have some compatibility trouble, with Ipad IOS Update + App Update).
(And VoiceJam Studio doesn't detect the Voice Rack working on and doesn't allow me to use the vocal fx's) on the IPAD.

It has to work well, but that doesn't seems to happen.

I love the app, it's my favorite, so I can't let this pass by...!

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Re: VoiceJam Studio - Bugs (NEW UPDATE - 2016)

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I'm experiencing the same issue, the only effect that works is Dry (which is essentially no effect). I really love this app, and this is making me upset!

Re: VoiceJam Studio - Bugs (NEW UPDATE - 2016)

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I am having the same issue!

Vocal FX are not working at all, when i switch form Dry to anything else I'll mute the mic and also the metronome. Is this because now you have to buy the other App?

I hope someone give us an answer soon, I'm in rehearsals for a concert!

Re: VoiceJam Studio - Bugs (NEW UPDATE - 2016)

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I confirm that I have the same problem as described above ... Ipad Mini2, IOS 9.2.1, voicejamstudio 1.7.00

Re: VoiceJam Studio - Bugs (NEW UPDATE - 2016)

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Hi there, thanks for your patience. So I’ve done some digging and I think I have found the issue. We’ve done a simultaneous update of both VoiceJam Studio & Voice Rack: FX. Very little was changed about VJS, the main update being the ability to port in the new VRFX, the new version with editable parameters for the FX. I’m not a programmer, so I can’t say WHY exactly, but it seems that the bug hinges on whether the new Voice Rack: FX is installed or not. If you install the new VRFX, the audio problems in VJS should be fixed. It is setup as a bundle, so you don;t have to pay for the upgrade - just download for free and your problems should be fixed. We will of course be working on a proper fix so that this dependency no longer exists ad all, but even if the programmers were able to fix this today, app updates often take about a week to get approved and released by apple. I hope this solution works for you in the meantime, please let me know if it does.

Re: VoiceJam Studio - Bugs (NEW UPDATE - 2016)

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I have to buy it the app, the Voice Rack FX Smiley Surprised

And still not working the Vocal FX's on VoiceJam Studio.

Even the button of BUY it is still there...


Re: VoiceJam Studio - Bugs (NEW UPDATE - 2016)

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Thanks you very much for the video Gabriel. We are working on a fix for this and will have it ready asap!

Re: VoiceJam Studio - Bugs (NEW UPDATE - 2016)

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Waiting for an update that fix that problem on the Ipad.
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