Introducing Go Guitar Pro!

Ready to change the game for your mobile recording setup? Go Guitar Pro from TC Helicon is the only device you need to make recording on the move simple and effective for capturing your great ideas or ongoing projects 

On the road a lot? Looking to quietly kill time on your commute? Scaling a peak to get away for a while? Or maybe you just need something a little more portable to bring with you to each of your rehearsal and recording locations. No matter your story, the ending looks promising: Go Guitar pro gets you recording fast wherever you need. 

Go Guitar Pro is compatible with a wide range of mobile and desktop DAW software. This mobile recording interface integrates seamlessly with the creative suite of TC Helicon mobile apps. You can connect directly to your iOS Android, Mac or PC devices using USB or MFi Lightning cables providedno batteries required! Go Guitar Pro is powered entirely by your mobile device, Mac, or PC.  

Go Guitar Pro is the solution for recording high-definition guitar, bass, or any line-level instrument, directly through a smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC; anytime, anywhere. Available soon for Preorder. 

Learn more about Go Guitar Pro on the TC Helicon website

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