Re: Output noise when Effects are engaged and "staticky" sounding Noise Gate
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Output noise when Effects are engaged and "staticky" sounding Noise Gate

Still awaiting a response from TC Helicon Support on this so I thought I'd ask my fellow users.

This is my first VoiceLive Unit, but by no means my first modeling device. I seem to be having an issue with additive noise coming from both the XLR and 1/4 inch guitar outputs where there is an annoying high pitched tone like when you hear feedback from a mic is on the verge of happening. It seems to be the most obvious through the 1/4 outputs that connect directly to my guitar amps effects return.

The incident goes away when all the effects are disengaged and is most obvious with gain staging effects such as the drive or compressor with makeup gain at default +13db.

I've had the unit for about a week now and can get by using an acoustic guitar with the output signal coming only through the XLR outs. But when I split the guitar signal off through the 1/4 inch outputs, it is unbearably tiring to hear the high pitch whistle at rest. Sure the noise gate is trying to suppress it, even with the gate closed, but that's another issue.

There seems to be no way to get rid of the annoying static sound that happens when the gate opens when threshold is reached on the noise gate. My Digitech GNX4 while coming up on ten years of age has a very "natural" sounding noise gate that doesn't exhibit a static sound when opening and closing. Note I have tried going through three different guitar amps both through their effects loops as well as into the front input jack. Each have the same result.

Have tried different cables (which work fine with my other gear) and all yield the same result. Just wondering if I should try exchanging it or if this is a common issue that others don't seem to notice. Once again the problem goes away when the effects are disengaged and it is more obvious as gain stages are increased.

If I can get passed this hurtle, I'll really be loving this unit because it really is an awesome concept when all goes well.

*edited for line spacing so it's a bit easier to read -Craig

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Re: Output noise when Effects are engaged and "staticky" sounding Noise Gate

Thx Craig. I'll try that switch, and insure that they are plugged in to different circuits. Yeah...dyslexia got's the VL3X. I'll keep you posted on outcome. Blessings!!! Dave
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Re: Output noise when Effects are engaged and "staticky" sounding Noise Gate


One year later I found a solution.

i experienced into all direction and finally now, as I bought a new mixer, I again began to think about this big problem. What I found out in numbers, is, that this curious whining sound has about 20db. And that shocked me very much! 

As I saw that, there had to be a solution, but of course not sending it to Canada for a repair.

I took so many looks into all sections of the VL3, because I recognized, that I somehow wanted to suppress this whining noise with the mixer, a gate, and compressor a.s.o.

First I edited the sound presets in the VL3, so that the whining noise decreased, and I found out, that when using one of the transducers the whining switched of. But the negative thing was, that the output with this filter was delayed for about 1/10 sec. So that wasnt the solution.

As the next thing, I rechecked the Setup section, guitar and tone (gates, compressors, levels a.s.o., but that too wasnt the solution.

At least I took a look into the Input section, and I saw the Mic level on 0 db, what seems to be o.k. ... on the first look.

On the second look, I increased the Mic level, and watched whether there would happen somthing. And indeed, reaching 12 db, the whining sound disappeared! 

I retried this, decreased the Gain Input at the mixer and what do you think? I finally have an absolute clean sound. Meanwhile when I switched on the devices, I thought, that I forgot one of the devices, because I did not hear any sound, or that something would have been broken! 

I am so glad, that now finally this awful noise is eliminated. It seems to be a bad input level of the mic. Now that this level is much higher, whining goes completely to the background, so that I cannot hear it any more.

Please try that. Perhaps you have the same result. I am using a condensator mic.