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Perform VK needs XLR output

Helicon made stupid design decision on the Perfrom-VK.  And it will cost consumers ~$100 to make it right.

Helicon changed the output from mike-level XLR male, on the Perform V, to TRS line-level connectors on the Perform VK. Line-level TRS is fine for stereo connections to a recording mix board but TERRIBLE for "performance" live gigs, where we all use XLR mike-level connections to house PA systems! Many House PA systems dont have a Pad to reduce from line-level to mike-level. 

Helicon, what were you thinking??? Now we performers need to buy a ~$100 DI Box, and hang it off the back of the Perform VK to get back to mike-level XLR.   Stupid, stupid, stupid.

When i posed this question to John Satej in customer support he responded that "there's not enough room on the back for both XLR out and 1/4" connections. Not a valid answer. I suspect Helicon assumes there is more market for recording that for performance, and we performers got the shaft. (how ironic that the product is called "Perform VK" instead of "Record VK")

Reply here if you agree the Perform VK should be reworked to have a mike-level XLR output......

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Re: Perform VK needs XLR output

Any venue worth the name have several DI's in their arsenal. This because many performers uses di'ed basses, synths, amp modellers and even stage mixers.

Most of them output line level signals and needs to be converted anyway so a DI is needed. You can get a decent and small passive DI for almost no money that you can carry in your toolkit.

I do recommend though to use a 90* angled TRS connected to the VK to ease on the mechanical stress.
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CC 102 MasterLevel?

Is it not a good idea to change the output level of the perform vk with a midi controller?
Use MIDI CC 102 to change the output level.
Or will it not be saved?

I've programed all the possible parameters to make a fine tuning at all of the effects.
This should be possible with every MIDI-Controller or every Softwarecontroller. I mean Ableton, Maschine, Reaktor or every Sequencer.

What do you mean?
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Re: Perform VK needs XLR output

Well 2.5 years later, maybe this thread had an impact on Helicon's design of the Perform V series.  They made the same mistake with "TRS Line-level connectors instead of XLR mike-level connectors" on the Perform-VE, but returned back to the "XLR mike-level connector" on the Perform VG.


Im still pushing for a "v2" of Perform-VK and Perform-VE, where they remove the TRS connectors and change the outputs to mike-level XLR connectors.  Not holding my breath.  Companies make design mistakes all the time, but rarely to they admit/correct it.


Until then Perform-VK and VE owners, you'll need a good quality DI Box to get a XLR output.  ADD $100 TO YOUR COST for the VK and VE.


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