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Perform VK: sound routing

If I want to separately send to the mixer:
1) a keyboard mix without vocals,
2) the harmony output of the VK without keyboards

How do I route this? Thanks!

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Dual mono out option

Hi Craig and thanks for your reply

Yes, a MIDI splitter will fix the issue, however it would mean getting yet another box and more cables. Usually those are never one in two out but 4 out (big) Not to mention the splitter needs power so more power cables.. Smiley Sad
Less is more is my motto Smiley Happy

That’s also the thing with the XLR. Yes, I agree with you - TSR (jack) is fine for instruments (being an industry standard) but for vocals the XLR is the industry standard. So more additional cables are needed (TSR to XLR splits). But OK, I assume it’s also a trade off on space requirement being a small device.

So, back to the Firmware - now a future dual mono out option may not be for the majority of users but it sure would be a killer feature. I know I would REALLY LOVE that and based on other feedback in this thread, others would too. As you know - a lot of users use audio in and audio through already on other TC products (me included).
So since all the INs and OUTs are already there,, please forward this request to your team for evaluation.

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Re: Dual Mono

I would also like to echo the necessity for a dual mono option. As a user of the VLT2 I am truly amazed at what this product fits in to such a small package. Dual mono is a fantastic addition for the following reasons: It allows the sound man to isolate the main lead vocals from the effected sound, without this feature he is effectively putting all his trust in to the artist to mix and engineer their sound in real-time from the stage. The sound man could have heaps of expensive outboard gear that he may wish to treat the voice with but cannot because he is only receiving the voice at the end of the effects chain.

Upon researching the Perform VK I was again astounded at what had been fit in to an even smaller package and was overjoyed at the refinements that had been made. The new addition of a 4i6 USB Interface which can separate just the vocal harmonies and effected signal in to a individual output channel is a game changer for me. It would allow me to use my computer to further effect the signal and route it back to the Perform VK. Once I discovered this I started to get super excited about all the possibilities, however when I realised that the sound man would be unable to treat my vocals I was devastated; how would I be able to tell whether my voice needed to be turned up in the mix from the stage? Or how would I know whether my voice need to be EQ'd slightly to avoid clashing with the rest of the band. These are just two of the many reasons why it is a necessary addition. Without this feature it will fast become a sound engineers nightmare.

For this reason I too would like to submit an official request to the TC-Helicon team for the addition of a firmware update that includes a dual mono setting. Without this feature I feel it is unable to work together effectively with other equipment at the mixing desk and in via USB and therefore removes any of the possibilities of using effects on stage without isolating yourself from the sound engineers.

A truly fantastic product with one small firmware update that could propel it to the next level.

Please consider this.

PS: If there is a more official route to submit feature requests could you please alert me.

Kind regards

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Re: Perform VK: sound routing

Cecilie Kaasgaard;122617 wrote:
Hi Thomas - currently the Perform-VK can only send out a summed mono or stereo output (depending on you have one or two cables plugged in) from the main outputs, with the vocal and instrument signals combined. There are no options for sending the instrument output on one channel and the vocal output on the other separately, sorry. Who knows though, it may be added in a future firmware update!

Is this definitive? I asked this question on another post and have yet to receive an answer. If I only take one of the TRS outputs and plug it into a mono XLR input, all the stereo voices, harmonies and effects get summed to mono? And it doesn’t matter which one I use L or R?

If so that is very good news... excellent!
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Re: Perform VK: sound routing

Spencer Larsen;125032 wrote:
Hey Mark,
What would your ideal dual mono output signals be? If it's vocals in one, keys in the other, you can just bypass the VK in that case. Run the audio output of your keys direct to the mixer, MIDI from the keys into the VK, and vocal output of the VK also to the mixer.

Hi Spencer -

This is exactly what I would like to do:
* Keyboard -> VK via MIDI
* Mic -> VK -> Mixer

I want to use a 1/4" - XLR adaper, and just run one channel to the mixer. Is that OK? If so, does it matter whether I use the left or right channel from the VK?

Thanks -

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Re: Perform VK: sound routing

Hey Ken,
So do you mean you want to use a 1/4" -> XLR cable from the output of the Perform-VK to the input of a mixer? If so, use the Left output. VK has what we call "Jacksense" where it can tell what's plugged in, so if you just have the left one plugged in, it'll sum your output to mono and you should be all good Smiley Happy
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Re: Perform VK: sound routing

While I don't desire this functionality at the moment, I support the request of splitting of the stereo outs to two mono outputs which the user could select. I would probably use this function if I could split the main vocal from the harmony voices, and send each to a different output.
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Re: Perform VK: sound routing

I like the easy use of the Perform VK. The more you add and want, the more it will be difficult.
It is perfect for a easy setup with 1 or 2 speakers, live or for practice.

If you want to do any professional recording or use a PA (FOH) i would use a splitter for the microphone. Than you will always have a good signal from the microphone and you can still mix it with the output of the Perform VK.
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Re: Perform VK: sound routing

That's how I set it up.