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VL3 Guitar Cable

I am having a little quality control issue with the cables. This is my second one ( I ordered extras). I am finding that the 1/4" jack on the guitar side is pretty weak and susceptible to being easily damaged. I did not save the last cable 2 cables but the same thing happened.

A couple of pics attached.

I am not that hard on my gear and I have not had this problem with normal 1/4" plugs over the years.

Is there something unusual about this plug that requires the walls to be less sturdy?



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Re: VL3 Guitar Cable

Just got the cable back. They did indeed attach a more robust 1/4" end plug and all seems to work.

@Craig - Still curious if the cables coming from TC now are shipping with higher quality ends?
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Re: VL3 Guitar Cable

Applied reverse engineering to make my on "High Quality" Voicelive 3 Headphone/Instrument cable...
Here it goes, for anybody who needs...

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Re: VL3 Guitar Cable

To my fellow Brazilians...

20151201_205640 2.jpg