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VoiceLive 3 Update Available (366)

We have finally delivered!
If you connect your VoiceLive 3 (Extreme models too) to VoiceSupport 2, you'll see there is an update available. This is the first VL3 update since build 355 in February 2016. Please check out build 366 and let us know what you think.

Build 366 includes the following:

New looper feature!
AudioCue lets you arm a loop to begin recording with your input. Select a volume threshold in the "Looper" menu, arm a loop track for recording, and cue recording the loop when your input is louder than the chosen threshold. When a loop is armed, you can press another loop footswitch to cancel. You can also choose whether AudioCue applies to every loop, or just your first loop! (AudioCue settings are saved with the loop slot, not the preset)

Remastered metronome sounds, improved the behavior logic, and metronome mute/enable is available as a Switch-3/6 target.

DSP improvements to the synth/vocoder.

Added notifications to inform you when the looper is active.

Handful of bug fixes including: missing popup messages, loop trigger settings, external loop control, and overnight MIDI timeout.

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Re: VoiceLive 3 Update Available (366)

I definitely agree with most of the feature requests for mapping options, settings, editing options, foot switch assignments, and metronome assignments. Unlock the device already! It just seems silly not to allow it to be a blank canvas considering it is marketed to a pro demographic.

Also, PLEASE KILL THE BURP WITH THE LOOPERS! I love TC H and TC E devices, but that looper bug is an absolute crime. Repair the software to allow us to Erase or UNDO without the Audio "BURP". Not only is it extremely unprofessional, it kills the whole purpose of having a pro model. Enough is enough. $800 for a device should be enough to grant 1 wish. It is my main gripe about the devices.

Midi CLOCK Out if at all possible in the next firmware update. I can't believe in the 2000's a device like this would be lacking a basic function such as MIDI Clock Out. Maybe it is not possible, but if there is any way to change this in the firmware it would make all the difference. Thanks so much!
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Re: VoiceLive 3 Update Available (366)

Spencer Larsen;142383 wrote:
Oh okay yeah, that's not really a bug as much as it is... just the way our MIDI clock works. From what I understand it does not interpret time signatures unfortunately, just the beats themselves for synchronization purposes. It cannot tell if the notes are eights, sixteenths, whatever, so VL3 has to assume they are quarter notes in 4/4 time. I know some devices (like the Beat Buddy) will send separate special MIDI time signature messages, but VL3 isn't one of them.

The question is, can the MIDI clock be fixed? Initially I bought this unit specifically to use with the Beat Buddy, and since I play Celtic music, there is a lot of 6/8.
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can not access aux in looper sw 6

I have one of the buttons one the switch 6 to change inputs for the looper . It will access guitar, guitar/vocal, vocal, but not aux. please fix.
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Re: VoiceLive 3 Update Available (366)


The Looper Input Cycle, cycle through 3 options.
You can set these three options
Press Setup use right arrow to get to Footswitch, use the Large Encoder wheel to navigate to the bottom of the screen, Loop Input Cycle 1 .. 2 ..3

Hope that helps
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VoiceLive 3 Extreme Firmware Update

Hello, I recently buy a new VL3X and I need an update for it.

The question is that I'm a cruise ship musician. My equipment has been checked in and I have no internet connection onboard to connect the VoiceSupport app and download the firmware update.

Can you disponibilize the file so I can, somehow, make an offline update???

I'm having issues with the stop/erase function assigned to a Foot6. A QUEUED sign is show every time I try to stop a recording from the foot switch. After the record is finish and stoped by the onboard pedal in VL3X, then the foot switch comes back to a normal behaviour.

Can you help me in this 2 matters,

Waiting for an answer ASAP.

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Downloaded it! Glad to see new updates. Any ideas about my VL3 freezing up???
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