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Scottedwards21 Contributor - Level 2 11 hours ago

11 hours ago

Voicelive 3 extreme

Does anyone know if the voicelive 3X can midi up to Logic, to provide a start/stop function for backing tracks within Logic?Thanks.

N6V9 Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


Where TC Electronics products are built ?

Hi all !I know products are designed and enginered in Denmark but where are they built ? If someone know ? China ?Thx !

SongsfromDan Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


Problems with Footswitch 3 and VoiceLive Touch 2

Hi everyone I have just purcharsed VOICELIVE Touch2 and Footswitch 3. I plugged Switch 3 in and powered the unit up, went into settings to get myself sorted - no FOOTSWITCH 3 option, only FOOTSWITCH 6. If I hit a button ...

BigangboBonanno Contributor - Level 2 Monday


Voice Live 3 Harmony what are the definitions for parameters...

Can anyone explain the parameters of the Voice Live 3 harmony choices, for example what does porta mean? Or the gender choices? Plus the rest under harmony and duo. I cannot find what each parameter stands for or some me...

OldMountainGeez Contributor - Level 3 Monday


Voicelive 3 Extreme Headphone Mix

How do I control the volume overall for my voicelive 3 in the headphones mix? Can I do this with an expression pedal? Do I have to buy a mixer? Thanks

Leeh Contributor - Level 1 Monday


Voicelive 3 extreme tempo issue

Example videoi am trying to get the vl3x to restore the preset tempo after switching to and from a preset with a loop set. Check video for details.  I don’t have global tempo set.  It seems like once I switch t...

Fhuels Contributor - Level 1 Monday


Impedance question for the T5

Considering buying T5 Infinum. Its rated as a 4 ohm amp but I have 8 ohm speakers. If true I would only expect to get 2.5 watts vs 5 watts. Does it have an impedance switch? 

jazzbassmanmike Contributor - Level 1 Monday


Dimensions and weight of the Bugera bass amps specifically t...

I am wanting to buy a Bugera BAss combo BXD12 amp and can't find any dimensions or weights for this amp.  Anyone have any info?

GeeDavey Solution Leader Monday


Fantastic Videos to help with looping using VoiceLive 3, Voi...

Hey Everyone, if you play acoustic guitar and loop or just loop using VoiceLive 3, you have to check out David Shanhun's Youtube channel. VL3 is super powerful and there are so many ways to use it. David, as a looper and...