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Mikesmith276 Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


Xenyx 2442 usb

Hi guysAny mod known to send the usb return through a channel e.g 15/16?CheersMike 

adevrie1 Contributor - Level 1 Tuesday


Flashback 2 sync via TRS to second tap tempo delay

Hi all,I've heard that some delays with integrated tap tempo can be connected via the external tap tempo jack to a second delay with an external tap tempo jack to essentially sync the two pedals delay times. Will this wo...

jt1 Contributor - Level 2 Tuesday


Rotary pot for Voicelive Play and others

This part you can find on ebay for around $10 called an "Edit Encoder" 

Alves4 Contributor - Level 2 2020-02-18


Voice tone/create XT

Hello, please can you tell me what is the power input of VoiceTone Create XT? Many thanks Almir

DoodleWood Contributor - Level 2 2020-02-18


B around people u want to b like.

I want to really immerse myself in learning about music and how it’s made. I don’t know a whole ton about working or being in a studio. I know in order to be successful you need to surround yourself with people you want ...

Moe1 Contributor - Level 1 2020-02-17


TC Helicon GXT

Can you use a switch 3 with the GXT?  Also, can the Digitech Trio Plus be used in conjunction with the GXT? If so what set sequence? Thank you.  

John90 Contributor - Level 2 2020-02-17


Sync TD-3 with RD-8

Has anyone been able to use the CV connections to sync these two?From my research, it seems rather complex. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks so much for reading!

WickedAx Contributor - Level 1 2020-02-17


Replacement Speaker for ACX450

I was wondering if you could recommend a replacement 8" speaker for my Behringer Ultraacoustic ACX450 acoustic amplifier?Thanks!

Vblaschke Contributor - Level 1 2020-02-17


Harmony g xt

Ground buzz thru my amp. Lift switch only works when i hold it in. Should this switch latch into an on position? Any one else have a ground lift problem?