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Hi folks, less than a year later, here we are again!
Coming up in January, our forum will be migrating to a new home. Music Tribe is compiling the forums for each of its brands into one super-site that will also include new aspects like courses and lessons. I've been told that existing user profiles will be carried over, but you'll be prompted to create a new password, and if your username is longer than 12 characters it will likely need to be shortened.

Beginning on February 10th, will be set to read-only mode. The new community platform will be launching on 15th February 2019, on that date all existing forums will be migrated to the new community

Thanks to everyone for all your participation in keeping this forum alive and proactive! I've already spent some time in the new forum and am very excited for everyone to get to see its additions and improvements in the new year. Cheers for now everyone, happy holidays!
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Please bring back the old forum, or at least a forum of some sort. With 30+ years in the IT-industry I totally get the need for unified solution across Music Group brands, but this isn't it. I haven't come across this particular software solution before, thankfully, but I can hardly remember seeing anything less fit for purpose. A good user-forum can be a great asset to manufacturer, resellers and customers ... virtually a stairway to heaven. This I'm afraid, is more like the highway to hell 

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Please new forum link........

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Good morning,

My name is Sam Slough. I’ve had issues concerning warranty on Turbosound monitor and no reply from the community manager, coving specific subject on my Pro 6. This is pathetic how your service, knowledge base, search engine on the web site works and how you are treating YOUR CUSTOMERS to say the least. So, as in the email sent to Turbosound in England, and since I can’t get a response on my case #00961154 nor information of service centers which service my Pro 6, in 2 days, your not going to like the, in full, international video. I’m going to post of the destruction of the worthless monitor, which is NOT being properly handled under warranty. 2 days after that, your really not going to enjoy, a backhoe destroying a MIDAS PRO 6. If anyone, can not get information, with some ease, and surly not going to from your company, information of valuable, expensive equipment and this places the CUSTOMER, which owns the equipment, unable to use or service equipment, then lets put it on the international public stage.


Thank you for your time

Sam Slough